Sound In Fedora 7

Disclaimer: While the information on this and related pages on this website has been experimentally verified, the author does not claim responsibility for any damage caused to your system by following the steps given here.

This page talks about how to configure the 82801 High Definition Audio Controller in Fedora 7. This is an ingredient of many notebook computers such as mine, the pavilion dv6137tx

Step 1: Go to System->Administration->Soundcard Detection.

Step 2: Click on the play button below Sound Test. Increase the volume and determine whether the sound card is working. If yes, we're through. Stop.

Step 3: If not, click cancel and start alsamixer at the command prompt:


Use the arrow keys to increase the volume of the speaker. Press Esc when done.

Step 4: Save the configuration. Type this at the command prompt:

alsactl store
alsactl restore

The second line restores the audio at bootup.

Step 5: Do steps 1 and 2. This should get the sound working.

Note: If you update alsa, then the above method may not work as the new alsa doesn't come with a text based (pseudo graphical) interface. In this case, the Fedora Sound configuration box should solve the problem.

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