Ricoh R5U870 Webcam In Linux

Disclaimer: While the information on this and related pages on this website has been experimentally verified, the author does not claim responsibility for any damage caused to your system by following the steps given here.

This page will briefly describe how to configure the HP Pavilion Webcam (a Ricoh R5U870) in Fedora Core 7. This webcam ships with some HP Pavilion and SONY VAIO notebooks, such as the HP Pavilion dv6137tx (dv6000t).

The driver can be obtained from

Step 1: Download the r5u870-0.10.0.tgz file from the link above.

Step 2: Unzip this file:

tar xvfz r5u870-0.10.0.tgz

Step 3: Change directory to the directory just created:

cd r5u*

Make sure you read the README file in this directory (type more README).

Step 4: Just type make and you should be through. Install xawtv or some other application:

yum install xawtv -y

to check whether the webcam works. If it doesn't work for you then, type

modprobe r5u870

If you get an error or this does not work, then proceed as below.

Step 5: Type

modprobe videodev
modprobe video-buf
modprobe v4l1-compat
modprobe v4l2-common
cp r5u870_*.fw /lib/firmware

If you are using a x86_64 kernel (64-bit platform) then also do

modprobe compat_ioctl32

Step 6: Now, the module can be loaded manually:

insmod r5u870.ko

It is strongly recommended that you read the README file that is in the r5u870-0.10.0 directory.

This driver is due to Sam Revitch.

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