Pidgin In Linux

This page describes how to download the pidgin instant messaging client in Fedora 7 and set it up to use $\LaTeX$. The steps should work for other distros too (as long as you have yum).

Step 1: Download pidgin using yum

yum install pidgin*

or get it from If you use yum, it should be able to download and install any prerequisites for pidgin automatically.

Step 2: Set it up for google talk or other services you use. This link ( might be useful for gtalk users.

Step 3: Download the pidgin-latex plugin from This can be done using wget as well:


Step 4: Unzip the downloaded archive:

bunzip -d pidgin-latex-1.0.tar.bz2
tar -xvf pidgin-latex-1.0.tar

Step 5: Install the plugin (the pidgin-latex-1.0 directory contains a README read it):

cd pidgin-latex-1.0
make install

Step 6: Enable the Latex plugin in Pidgin. Get someone to use Pidgin with the Latex plugin and any $\LaTeX$ code you type as $$<Code>$$ will be converted to LaTeX equations.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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