Configure Pidgin for Google Talk

If you can't get Google Talk to work in Pidgin the simple way, try following the instructions given on this page:

I've reproduced the steps here, just in case this site is shut down:

1. Click on Account->Add/Edit menu.
2. Click on Add button in the Accounts screen.
3. Select XMPP / Google Talk as your protocol.
4. Type your screen name which is your GMail login name without the ending
5. Type Domain as
6. Ignore Resource.
7. Type in your Password and check Remember password.
8. Click on Advanced tab.
9. Check Force old(port 5223) SSL.
10. Check Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams (may not be required)
11. Change Connect port to 5223.
12. Type in Connect server field.
13. Click Save and you are done.

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